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Pezal Logistic Line

The new product line - Pezal Logistic Line - include machinery and used for storage warehouses, transfer sites and equipment for construction and maintenance crews. Kipor vehicles and machines have an excellent reputation and they owe their good reviews to modern technical solutions, materials used for their production, and rigorous quality control procedures.

The first group of products - Kipor forklifts powered by internal combustion engines - KDF series and the forklifts driven by an electric motor - KEF series.

Second group - small machinery - mini-excavators with front dozer, marked as a KDG series, and wheel loaders marked as KDD series.


Small size, maximum maneuverability and excellent performance are the features that make the role of forklift trucks in enterprises is growing. They are indispensable not only in storage and handling areas, but also ideal for hardened construction sites. Due to its characteristics, they are useful not only for loading or unloading of construction materials, but also in the transport (horizontal and vertical). Currently in the offer we have Kipor forklifts models: KDF series diesel powered by Diesel combustion engine, and the KEF series powered by by electric motors.

Both series of forklifts are an advanced engineered products, using cutting-edge solutions such as motor connected to the floating shock absorber, flexible connected steering axle, providing shaft torque reduction. All of these elements significantly improve the comfort of the operator, and thus affect the higher efficiency.

Forklifts meet EPA emission standards as those required by the European Union.


Mini excavators, with front dozer, marked as the KDG series, depending on the model have spoons with capacity od 0,05 to 0,16m3. Excavators are equipped with reliable hydraulic system that allows you to take full advantage of the power system and reduce the load on the engine, and thus drastically reduce the amount of fuel consumed.

All models have a lockable cabin with comfortable control system which allows you to work even in the most adverse weather conditions. Wide tracks provide stability on any surface. We offer three models that differ in size and weight. KD373 and KD388 diesel engines are used to drive them.

They are characterized by reliable design and low fuel consumption. Functional and aesthetic design and competitive price are irrefutable qualities that make Kipor excavators an attractive offer.